Cheerleading Uniforms

Our Cheerleading Uniform Tops/Shells not only go perfectly with our selection of Uniform skirts, but they make you look totally awesome.

Spirit-Accessories has the best cheerleading uniforms for your squad to make you shine like never before. Pick up your trophy with pride wearing the cheer dress from Spirit Accessories,knowing you looked better than the rest. Our variety of uniforms includes 3 and 5 striped shells, X-striped shells, and Scorpion design are great style for cheerleader. Add some glitter and metallic designs to really make the cheer squad look great at football games or cheer competition. Deluxe and Diagonal pattern make any cheer suit come alive and your team will be the envy of all the other cheerleaders. Take a look at the cheerleading skirts with and without cheer pleats that really let you move and dance. Spirit Accessories also carries Cheer briefs to go under your cheer uniform with flare and cheer zebra designs and cheerleading solid colors for cheer teams. Don't forget to accessorize with our Cheer bows and Cheer jewelry to make your team stand out in the crowd.